Tuncay Dersinlioglu is a self educated documentary photographer who lives and works in Izmir, Turkey. He was born in Germany on 1982 and came back to his homeland Turkey in 1986. Graduated from Economics department of 9 Eylul University in 2006. He has been making both documentary and commercial photography works since 2004. Tuncay, established Karanlik Oda Fotograf Merkezi in Izmir on 2010. He is conducting "Developing a Photography Project" and "Documentary Photography" workshops in Karanlik Oda. He also gave photography lectures and advisory for many institutions and corporations such as IZIAD, DESEM, French Culture Institute, Vestel, Vodafone, Philip Morris, Garanti Bankası, Egepen, Finansbank and Ulker. His works published by Yeşil İz (TEMA), Fotograf Notları, Green Peace TR, GEO TR, Sabah, Atlas, Zaman, National Geographic TR, Magma, Skylife and various international publications including Paris Match, Huffington Post and Independent. Based in Izmir and working on his personal projects. He is one co-founder of the KODA Photo Agency and working for Reuters and Redux as a contracted photographer.