Unnamed War

Photos & Text: Mert Çakır

After the 'General Elections in Turkey' held on 7 June 2015, the AKP (Justice and Development Party) punished all the people living in the Kurdish region or similar ideological proximity with the HDP (People's Democratic Party) because of the seeing them the reason for losing election. This political breakthrough, which also marks the end of the 'Peace Process' since April 2013, systematic military operations beginning in July 2015, live bombings by various ideological groups, and the ban on partial street exits imposed by the state, Causing people to lose their lives and be sent to prisons.
The murder of Diyarbakır Bar President Tahir Elçi on 28th November 2015 was a call for closing an era. By the death of the biggest supporter of peace, there was nothing but conflict and war in its place. The day of Elçi’s murder, newly abolished curfew period went on 100 days continuously at Diyarbakır’s Sur district. In the meantime 321 civilians lost their lives with 63 curfew period was still going on at 7 province and 22 district.1 million 642 thousand people have effected by the war. Thousands of people have migrated. 249 police and military forces lost their lives. At the back were ruined cities, funerals, traumatic children and tragic life.In addition to the end of the conflicts in the Kurdish region, TAK (Kurdistan Revenge Hawks) continues the “Unnamed War” with violent suicide attacks on police and military in the western metropolis. The city battles are finished for now. Bombing actions continue between the Pkk and the Turkish State. The houses in the war zone are being demolished with the project of urban transformation.