Lost Photos

Photos & Text: Mert Çakır

If one day you had to leave the place where you called home, the city you knew like the back of your hand, the country you were born like you have never expected and you had to start a new life which involves a large amount of uncertainty, what would you take along with you? Most of us have never been at a point in our lives where we needed to ask this question to ourselves. But the photographs that had washed ashore in Çeşme, İzmir gave us an answer in the most poignant way possible.
The photographs that belonged to  Syrian refugees who’d fled from the war and were trying to cross the Aeagean Sea, have never reached where they intended to. Those photographs were the last remainders of the life they once knew and they were kept close to their hearts till the last minute. The fate of the owners are unknown but the photographs, faded and stained due to salty water, are telling us so much about hope, war and loss.