Iceland for a Dream

Photos: Cevahir Buğu Author: Zeynep İyigün

Iceland, the country of ice and fire, is a little island to the north of the northern hemisphere in Atlantic Ocean. In different seasons of the year, 24/7 day or night can be seen and the total population of the country is 330 thousand. There are a lot of active and inactive volcanoes on Iceland and they erupt in a certain time of period. The average temperature is 0°C and there are not various animals on the island, almost none wild animal.
But they have gorgeous horses. The nature is very generous to Iceland. Each and every place you visit has a unique characteristic. When you hit the road from Reykjavik, Geyser with hot waters springing from the deep ground, fascinating waterfalls like Gulfoss, Skogafoss and Seljalandfoss, the long black sand beach on the coast of little town Vik and of course Jökulsarlon, where the icebergs dance, are just some of the blow-minding places you will see on Route 1. When you land on the island, pick your tent, hit the road and enjoy the nature of Iceland offers.