KODA Photo Agency

KODA is a photo agency producing visual projects by use of documentary photography. KODA presents their works to the audience in national and international publications; and also through exhibitions, presentations, books and interactive channels. KODA photographers do not work as affiliated to any organizations or media organs however they produce joint projects. The photographers determine the themes and way of expression on their own. The quality of the word to be expressed with images should be clear and effective enough not to ignore the photograph in terms of aesthetic and formal elements of the photography.
KODA adopts the principle of providing visual contents in the agency's archive to the national and international non-governmental organizations, photographers can work with these organizations individually or on a mutual project with the agency. Photographers target to share their experiences at documentary photograph workshops with limited participants every year under KODA Photo Agency.
KODA Photo Agency is open to the participations of new photographers. Every photographer accepting the existence of other opinions, discussing these opinions, even sometimes reconciliation is not on the table, respecting human from each and every aspect, and avoiding humiliating expressions in his/her works is a potential candidate member of KODA. A potential member joins to the agency with co-decision of all members.
If you would like to use our photos/stories or collaborate with our agency as a network photographer, please get in touch with us.


Cevahir Buğu


Born in Turkey in 1978, Cevahir Bugu was graduated from Technical Photography and Camera of Kocaeli University in 2000 and after that also studied Photography in Fine Arts Faculty of Kocaeli University and graduated from that department in 2005. He started working on documentaries and news photography while he was studying and continued that in his professional work life. He worked for lots of publishing houses and international agencies. He was Chief Photo Editor of Bloomberg Business Week magazine in Turkey between 2007-2014. During that time, he was also working for Harvard Business Review Turkey. In 2015, He worked for Skylife, Skylife Business, Anadolu Jet and SunTimes magazines as Chief Photo Editor. He has also been working for Reuters as a freelance photographer since 2013 and Conde Nast Traveller Turkey since 2015. Apart from working for agencies and various magazines, he has special documentary projects; Worldwide Greek Orthodox, Trans-Siberian Express and documentaries focusing on the daily lives of Russian people.

Mert Çakır


Started photography in his high school years. Graduated Mugla University in 2008. Studied on some photography and video projects during his education period. Attended international festivals by doing various projects about photography and video from 2007 to 2012. Mert works as a contracted photographer for international agencies and publications including Times, New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde and Newsweek especially in conflict zones.

Tuncay Dersinlioğlu


Tuncay Dersinlioglu is a self educated documentary photographer who lives and works in Izmir, Turkey. He was born in Germany on 1982 and came back to his homeland Turkey in 1986. Graduated from Economics department of 9 Eylul University in 2006. He has been making both documentary and commercial photography works since 2004. Tuncay, established Karanlik Oda Fotograf Merkezi in Izmir on 2010. He is conducting “Developing a Photography Project” and “Documentary Photography” workshops in Karanlik Oda. He also gave photography lectures and advisory for many institutions and corporations such as IZIAD, DESEM, French Culture Institute, Vestel, Vodafone, Philip Morris, Garanti Bankası, Egepen, Finansbank and Ulker. His works published by Yeşil İz (TEMA), Fotograf Notları, Green Peace TR, GEO TR, Sabah, Atlas, Zaman, National Geographic TR, Magma, Skylife and various international publications including Paris Match, Huffington Post and Independent. Based in Izmir and working on his personal projects. He is one co-founder of the KODA Photo Agency and working for Reuters and Redux as a contracted photographer.