KODA Photo Agency

KODA is a photo agency producing visual projects by use of documentary photography. KODA presents their works to the audience in national and international publications; and also through exhibitions, presentations, books and interactive channels. KODA photographers do not work as affiliated to any organizations or media organs however they produce joint projects. The photographers determine the themes and way of expression on their own. The quality of the word to be expressed with images should be clear and effective enough not to ignore the photograph in terms of aesthetic and formal elements of the photography.
KODA adopts the principle of providing visual contents in the agency's archive to the national and international non-governmental organizations, photographers can work with these organizations individually or on a mutual project with the agency. Photographers target to share their experiences at documentary photograph workshops with limited participants every year under KODA Photo Agency.


Gurbet is in FUAM

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Gurbet photo book has exhibited in FUAM’s photobook festival.

Gurbet Photobook

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Gurbet photobook has been published.

Tuncay Dersinlioglu is on Atlas Glober

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Tuncay Dersinlioğlu is on Atlas Glober Magazine’s september 17 issue.